Friday 6 November 2015

Mapping grid-based statistics using OpenLayers, Three.js and D3.js

I've just finalised two tutorials on mapping grid-based statistics. The tutorials are in Norwegian, but the source code is available in English, and should be easy to follow.

Tutorial 1: "Grid-based population data"

Mapping grid-based population data of Oslo, Norway, using OpenLayers 3 and D3.js. The user can select an area to see the number of inhabitants.

Tutorial | Demo | Source

Tutorial 2: "Grid-based statistics in 3D"

3D visualisation of grid-based population data of Oslo, Norway, using Three.js and D3.js.

TutorialDemo | Source

The basemap is from the Norwegian Mapping Authority, and the grid-based population data from Statistics Norway.

The tutorials are provided by Project Innovation from GeoForum, a Norwegian non-profit industry organization for individuals and companies/agencies working in mapping, surveying and geographic information.

Please notify me if you use these techniques in your own projects!