Wednesday 20 May 2009

Introducing Thematic Mapping API

The brand new Thematic Mapping API enables you to create KML based thematic maps from your own data source. This JavaScript library is the missing link between Google Visualization API and Google Earth API (or other geobrowser APIs supporting the KML standard).

A few examples:
The API is still in beta. Please email me if you would like to try the new API: bjorn[at]

Thematic Mapping API will be free to use on non-commercial sites.


Roman Nurik, Android Developer Relations said...

Great new release! Congratulations Björn!

Roman Nurik, Android Developer Relations said...

I clearly can't spell... congratulations *Bjørn*!

Pamela Fox said...

Awesome! Any chance of offering a 2d map option for this? I would like to use it show map tiles coverage, but it wouldn't make much sense to visualize that on top of the Earth satellite imagery.

Bjørn Sandvik said...

Hi Pamela,

The API only support KML-based visualizations so far. You should be able to use the API with a 2d KML viewer which are able to parse KML documents from JavaScript.

I hope Google will add this feature to Google Maps API (+ for Flash).