Saturday, 15 November 2008

New Ext JS extension for Google Earth API

I've made a new Ext JS extension for Google Earth API available on Google Code.

Enjoy! :-)


Søren Johannessen said...

Hi Bjorn

great news - I can see you have added Google Geocoder so it's possible to search for locations now - I have also added that option for my danish version of your Earth Atlas.

Great work!!
BTW the danish project is also cool

veerugadde said...


Its really wonderful tool and deserves a lot of applauds.Is there possibility that we can integrate google maps api in to the above application besides google earth plugin.if so can you please explain the possible way to implement?


Bjørn Sandvik said...


You might have a look at the Ext Google Maps wrapper class.


veerugadde said...

Thanks for your suggestion and seems to working fine.But the problem is that if want to add kml file to maps api,should i work around the ExtJs Wrapper.Could you please explain the best way to load the kml files on maps api using EXT JS ?


h_ono said...


This Earth Atlas is great geo-web one, I think.

I have two questions about this.

First, why aren't central parts of USA, Canada and Australia covered 3d polygons completely?

Second, any idea for drawing 3D arrows showing population migration, traffic flows and other flow phenomena between contries?


Bjørn Sandvik said...

Hi h_ono,

1. The plygon hole problem is described on this page.

2. I've not yet had time for flow maps. You can probably do this by using KML LineString and/or KML Icon and/or Collada models.

Veerugadde, I've not yet tried to combine Google Maps, Ext JS and KML.


Dennis said...

Thanks for making this available-- I was able to put together a version that displays two very large datasets (more than 8,000 datapoints) in about 30 minutes! I want to add NASA's Nighttime Lights as an optional background layer (since my project has to do with monitoring light pollution globally), which should be pretty easy.

I agree with veerugadde that being able to select between the Maps and Earth apis would be great. I'll check out the wrapper next week.

Looking forward to your session at AGU. I have an education poster at 1340 on Thursday, but plan on spending the rest of the day in the virtual globe sessions.

lonthox said...

Hi Bjorn,

Can you tell me how to make GE lookat event when KML tree nodes are clicked?

Thank you very much..

lonthox said...

Hi Bjorn,

I have some questions related to your Earth Atlas:
- Why were there no actions happening when I clicked the KML nodes?
- Is it possible to create GE lookat event when KML tree nodes are clicked?

Thanks alot.

Bjørn Sandvik said...

Hi lonthox,

The functionality you're requesting is currently not present in the Ext JS extension for Google Earth API.


lonthox said...

Hi Bjorn,

I want to say thank you for your Earth Atlas. I have made a webpage using your creation. But, I want to make my webpage more interactive by adding GE look at event when KML tree node are clicked. I found a demo created by Roman using Dojo framework that accomodate the functionality (see: He use some scripts to get the functionality. Here is the code:
function flyToFeature(kmlFeature) {
var aspectRatio = dojo.coords('center').w * 1.0 / dojo.coords
var lookAt = computeFitLookAt(g_ge, kmlFeature, aspectRatio);
if (lookAt)


How to make this functionality using Ext JS for Google Earth API?

Sorry for English.


Anonymous said...


Hi I work for the US Army Corp of Engineers; I am trying to incorporate your Ext JS extension into our webpage. Can you help me with the configuration? Unfortunately, our pages are behind a firewall but I can send you the source code if you want. Maybe you can help get it working. Another challenge I have I'm currently building all this in MS SharePoint. Any pointers you can provide will be greatly appreciated.