Friday 6 December 2013

3 months mapping leave from work - what to do?

I've just started a 3 months study leave from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation where I'm spending my savings to acquire new mapping skills. Originally, my plan was to spend the time in South America but I had to postpone this adventure. Instead, I'll spend some time in Norway, Turkey, the Dolomites/Alps - and where?!?

Do you know of any interesting mapping events going on before 10th March? Would you like some help on an exciting mapping project? Please notify me

My study plan is to improve my cartography skills, learn how to map with D3.js and to continue my 3D experiments with three.js. 

Winter in Norway


Theo said...

Hi Bjørn

I discovered your site a few days ago, and wish I had discovered it sooner.

So what should you do for the next few months?

First: learn to use the pages feature so your demos are viewable directly from GitHub.

Help devise a strategy and a plan so that bitmaps with elevation data with a resolution down to, say, 50 meters can be added to GitHub. And TINs too, if wanted. And then, let's do it.

Help start a Google Group for 3D map making with Three.js. Maybe called cartograthree? Ask for and respond to the most imaginative 3D mapping queries.

Devise strategies and tips and tricks - and build demos - so that maps can have real-time weather, bikes, buses and trains, and more.

Devise new projection methods. For example, we always look at the earth from the outside. What would happen if we looked at it (with a bit of transparency) from the inside looking out?

We have hundreds of years of history of cartographers trying to make 2D maps that pretend to be 3D globes. Now we really have 3D globes that work and are usable, what should cartographers do next?

And, finally, given that you have so much time, building Borges' map should very eay.


Bjørn Sandvik said...

Many thanks for your advice Theo!

I've used the pages feature before, and I'll use it again :-)

My plan is to create a GitHub repository with geospatial functions for Three.js - and use the social features of GitHub - more about this soon.

Looking at the Earth from the inside would be interesting. I also like the transparency used by Globaïa.

It exciting what we're now capable of doing in the browser.

Unknown said...

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