Sunday 4 November 2012

Mapping New Zealand - a summary

I've had a fantastic two months study trip to New Zealand. Unfortunately, I had to go back to Norway this week to fill up my bank account - just when the summer was arriving in New Zealand. I'm going to miss the beautiful country with its great people.  

New Zealand is the perfect country to map, as an isolated country surrounded by a vast ocean, and because of all the free data available. I hope my Mapping New Zealand blog series has been useful for others as well:

It's a lot of exciting things happening on the New Zealand mapping scene, and the Kiwis are very welcoming people. I want to thank all the nice people I met on my journey, who was very willing to share their knowledge and experiences:

I've been a real map nerd in New Zealand, but I had lots of time to explore the country too. Here are a few of my photos: 



Phil Knight said...

Thank you for this series. I am an Msc student studying GIS. The course is very ESRI centric and though I am learning a lot I feel that I need to also learn to use the tools that you've demonstrated in your series. I hope to get some time to replicate your New Zealand maps and hopefully learn some of the techniques you've demonstrated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this great series of blogposts! I am following your blog via RSS and missed not a single post. Mapping has become very easy with great open source tools like QGIS, Tilemill, Leaflet.
In 2007 I was travelling by bike for about 6 month in NZ and enjoyed it very much!